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Itoman's Shell Ginger Leaf

Shell ginger

Shell ginger is one of the Okinawa's most famous herbs. Its leaves are large, and from May to June it blossoms cute white flowers.

Itoman's shell ginger

Tradition of praying for health and longevity by eating rice cake rolled with shell ginger leaves

In Okinawa there is a tradition to eat rice cakes called Muu Qi on December 8th in the lunar calendar, praying for health and longevity. Muu Qi is made by kneading rice cake powder flavored with red porato and brown sugar, wrapping in shell ginger leaves, and steaming it. It is believed that the shell ginger leaves are used because in Okinawa the shell ginger leaf is considered a medicinal herb that repels evils.

Shell ginger's excellent power

Recent studies have found that shell ginger has an excellent antibacterial and antioxidant effect, as if to prove the common belief in Okinawa that shell ginger is a medicinal herb that repels evils.

As shell ginger is growing vigorously under the strong UV rays of Okinawa climate, it contains aging care ingredients called shell ginger polyphenols. Therefore, it is known that the antioxidant power is high and the index for measuring the antioxidant capacity, ORAC value, is very high of 60,000 (μmol TE/100g mol).

It is also used as a traditional herbal medicine or tea because it has splenic and intestinal effects.

Shell ginger farmer in Itoman

In Okinawa the shell ginger grows naturally, so there are very few farmers that cultivate shell ginger. However we searched and found a farmer who cultivates shell ginger with no pesticide in Itoman city in Okinawa prefecture, so that our customers can eat it in confidence as food.

Shell ginger farmer in itoman

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