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Our Story

Our root is in Kampo medicine

Japan has a long tradition of natural medicine called Kampo medicine. Kampo medicine was introduced to Japan in the 7th century from China. It is based on the study of traditional Chinese medicine but has evolved in its own unique way. Kampo medicine had been the prevailing medicine until western medicine took its place in the 19th century. However, it is still very prevalent in Japan and recently Kampo medicine has been attracting additional attention again for its more gentle treatments and minimal side effects compared to western medicine.

We run a Namiki Kampo counseling pharmacy which has operated for over 50 years in Funabashi, Japan and practice Kampo medicine counseling.

Our challenge

We provide a variety of healthy food and cosmetic products as well as Kampo medicines.

We understand that healthy foods and cosmetics are like a mixture of wheat and chaff: there are many products that are extremely low cost but are also ineffective for their price and contain many additives such as extenders and preservatives. Therefore, the products that we confidently recommend to customers are limited.

For that reason, based on our experience with various Kampo medicine, healthy foods and cosmetics, and expertise in long-term health consultation, I had decided to form this company to provide authentic healthy foods and cosmetics that are 100% natural & additive-free which we can recommend with full confidence.

Namiki Kampo counseling pharmacy handles Koufukudou’s products. If you would like to experience it first hand, please visit us at the pharmacy below:

1-4-4 Minatocho, Funabashi City, Chiba, JAPAN

Our three core principles

Principle #1: 100% natural & additive-free

The main reason why Koufukudou is committed to 100% natural origin & additive-free is because we want to make full assurances to our customers that chemical ingredients are not used.

Even though in general the safety of chemical additives currently in use has been confirmed, there are many people who do not want to expose themselves to these chemicals due to the artificial nature of their creation.  Some chemical additives are also only deemed safe at a certain level of concentration and there are legitimate concerns with side effects as a result of taking them over a long period of time. Therefore, we want to help support our customers’ desires to control what goes into their body by not using chemical additives.

There is another reason why we stick to 100% natural & additive-free; we want to increase the amount of ingredients to be added even a little.

In general, excipients and preservatives account for about 30 to 50% of weight of healthy foods. As the amount that you can drink without difficulty at a time is limited, so using additives will inevitably reduce the amount of ingredients we want to use.

Generally, chemically synthesized additives have one primary function, to preserve and prolong the product’s expiration date.  However, this can also be achieved using natural ingredients such as shell ginger that has a long history of being used as food preservatives in Okinawa.

Koufukudou utilizes these ingredients to realize our 100% natural & additive-free principle.

picture of shell ginger

Principle #2: Assure the origin of the ingredients

All the ingredients used in Koufukudou are cultivated using identifiable techniques in Japan by farmers and ranchers we know.

We regularly speak with farmers and ranchers to hear how the products are coming along and what they are focused on and we only use the ingredients that we fully agree with the cultivation methodology.

farmer of shekwasha

Principle #3: “100% pure”

Many healthy foods and cosmetics consist mainly of water and extenders to reduce costs. Koufukudou does not use water and extender at all in order to provide "authenticity" to customers. Therefore, we stick with "100% pure."

Please check the ingredients of our healthy foods and cosmetics on the back of the package.

Ingredients are listed in order of the amounts used.

Proposal for health & beauty habits

We believe for a healthy life, not only are healthy foods and cosmetics important but lifestyle choices such as daily exercise and dietary habits are also integral to maintain your health and beauty

As a result, we will provide health and beauty tips that you can easily practice through e-mail, magazines, brochures, and websites.

Company Profile

Company name   Koufukudou Co., Ltd.
Business domain Planning, retail, wholesale of Healthy foods and Cosmetics.
Legal representative Kazuya Namiki
Company address  1-4-4 Minatocho Funabashi City, Chiba, JAPAN 273-0011
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