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Green Shekwasha GOLD Nobiletin PLUS Tablet Type

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Product image 3Green Shekwasha GOLD Nobiletin PLUS Tablet Type

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We propose the wisdom of health from the Ogimi village in the Okinawa prefecture in Japan which is famous for its energetic elderly population. Our 90% natural and healthy ingredients will support the care and maintenance of your beauty and health. This product contains 13.3 mg of Nobiletin which is equivalent to the Nobiletin of fifteen pieces of shekwasha* per twelve tables. We use green shekwasha only from the Ogimi village in Okinawa prefecture.  Our tablet formula makes it easy to maintain your daily dose.

Our product:

・Contains 90% Okinawa natural ingredients.

・Contains 13.3 mg of Nobiletin which is equivalent to the Nobiletin of fifteen pieces of shekwasha* per twelve tablets (recommended daily dose).

・Made in Japan

・Produced in a GMP certified factory product*.


Our product uses 90% natural ingredients from Okinawa including: Ogimi’s green shekwasha, Miyako island’s sugar cane fiber, and Itoman’s shell ginger. We visited farmers to see how they grow in order to use ingredients we are 100% confident in.

Ogimi’s green shekwasha peel powder

Shekwasha is a citrus fruit which is cultivated mainly in Okinawa in Japan. Green shekwasha is harvested while unripe.

an ogimi's farmer proposes a shekwasha

Shekwasha contains the healthy ingredient nobiletin. In particular, the pericarp of green shekwasha in Ogimi village contains an abundant amount of Nobiletin. Analysis of the pericarp of the Ogimi village's green shekwasha found that on average there are 620 mg of Nobiletin per 100 g of the peel. The concentration of Nobiletin in juice extracted from pulp with the peel of usual shekwasha is only 3.6 mg / 100 g, which indicates that the peel of the Ogimi’s green shekwasha has approximately 170 times more Nobiletin.

comparison of the content of nobiletin in peel among other citrus fruits

This product contains 9 mg of Nobiletin per two packets. This is equivalent to the Nobiletin of ten pieces of shekwasha*.

ten shekwashas

Nobiletin is a type of flavonoid. It is one of the ingredients that protect fruits from the strong UV rays in Okinawa as well as pests. The concentration of Nobiletin increases in the summer to early autumn when sunlight is strong, there are many pests, and the fruit is unripe.

Read more about the Ogimi village and green shekwasha

Miyako island’s sugar cane dietary fiber

Miyako island is a small island about 290 km away from the main island of Okinawa and was created by uplifting coral reefs. Most of the farmers in the island grow sugar cane so Miyako island is called “an island of sugar cane”.

Miyako island's sugar cane field

Sugarcane is famous as a base material for refined sugar. After squeezing molasses out of sugar cane to make sugar, its fibers remain.

As the name suggests, sugar cane fiber is rich in dietary fiber which accounts for about 90% of the total weight. Iron is also 17 times more abundant in sugar cane fiber than chicken liver. The fiber also contains functional ingredients such as ferulic acid and octacosanol. As sugar cane is a base material of refined sugar, you may think it has a lot of sugar, but as the molasses is squeezed out to make sugar, the remaining sugar content in the fiber is as low as 5%.

Read more about the Miyako island and sugar cane fiber

Shell ginger leaf powder

Shell ginger is one of Okinawa's most famous herbs. The leaves are large, and from May to June it will sprout spiked white flowers.

shell ginger leaf

In Okinawa there is a tradition to eat rice cakes called Muu Qi on December 8th in the lunar calendar, praying for health and longevity. It is believed that the shell ginger leaves are used because the leaf has been thought of as a medicinal herb that repels evils.

muu qi

Since shell ginger grows naturally in Okinawa, though there are few farmers who grow shell ginger. To ensure food safety we searched and found a farmer who cultivates shell ginger with organic farming techniques in Itoman city in Okinawa prefecture.

shell ginger farmer in itoman

Read more about the farmer and shell ginger leaf

Food safety

Food safety is our primary concern. Therefore, we are committed to using Japanese ingredients with no residual pesticide and GMP certified production methods in Shizuoka prefecture in Japan.

Product Information

General Product Name: Shekwasha processed food.

Ingredients: Unripe shekwasha peel powder, Sugar cane fiber, Hardened rapeseed oil, Shekwasha juice, Shell ginger leaf powder / Fine silicon dioxide.

NET:72g(300mg×240 tablets )【Best Before】Described on the bottom left of the back of the package.

Distributor: KOUFUKUDOU Co., Ltd.

Address: 1-4-4 Minatocho, Funabashi City, Chiba, JAPAN 273-0011.

Suggested Usage: Have twelve tablets per day with water or lukewarm water.

* Based on 3.6mg/100ml of the concentration of Nobiletin in shekwasha juice pressed with fruit and pericarp with an average weight of 25g per piece of shekwasha.

*Public Foundation of Health and Nutrition Food Association compliant GMP certified factory product.


・Consult your doctor or pharmacist if you are taking medicine or are pregnant or nursing.

・Check the ingredients. Do not use this if you are worried about allergies.

・Stop using this if this does not fit your constitution.

・Use the packet as soon as possible after opening.

・As the ingredients are natural in origin, the color may be slightly different than indicated on package but does not impact quality.

Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Anonymous (Zhuhai, China)
Natural supplement for parents

I bought this for my dad. I will let him try something natural to hopefully help his memory stay as good as possible. Recommend elderly people to try this.

Ada (Hong Kong, Hong Kong)


王平 (Zhangjiakou, China)


Tian Xu Xu (Waltham, United States)
Healthy Choice for a Healthy Life

I purchased this for my parents to use in the morning to start their day. Having never heard of Shekwasha before, they were skeptical of the ingredients and effect. However, after several weeks of consistent usage, they have come to enjoy the effects. My dad especially has a relatively sensitive digestive system but the fiber from the Shekwasha has been a great help in helping him feel consistently better with noticeably less instances of indigestion or stomach pain. As with most of these health products, the real impact will be over the long run so they plan to stick to a regular usage regimen.

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