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Shell Ginger & Horse Oil Skincare Massage Oil

Product image 1Product image of shell ginger and horse oil skin care massage oil
Product image 2Shell Ginger & Horse Oil Skincare Massage Oil

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Kumamoto’s skin-friendly horse oil meets Okinawa’s shell ginger leaf oil. This rich oil absorbs into the skin layer to retain tone, firmness, and moisture. This is skincare massage oil with 100% natural ingredients and no artificial additives*.

Recommended for

・Moisturization in a dry climate

This rich and skin-friendly oil is suited for a dry climate because the oil absorbs into the skin quickly and retains moisture of skin.

・Aging care

The horse oil and the shell ginger leaf oil have many beneficial effects on aging skin. If you are worried about fine lines or gray line or skin texture on your skin, have a try at this 100% natural rich skincare oil.

・Skin care during pregnancy

This skincare massage oil is recommended during pregnancy when the skin stretches quickly, as it helps to keep tone and firmness of the skin and improve softness of skin.

・Baby massage

This artificial additive-free skincare massage oil is recommended for baby massage. Baby massages are suitable for babies older than three months.

・Sensitive skin

This skincare massage oil passed patch-test for sensitive skin.


Ingredients are only horse oil and shell ginger leaf oil of Japan. We do not use artificial additives at all such as paraben, alcohol, surfactants, mineral oil, fragrance, and colorant.

Horse oil

Horse oil is a natural oil with very similar composition to that of human skin oil. Therefore, horse oil naturally absorbs into the skin.

Mapping chart of oil

Kumamoto's horse oil

Kumamoto's horse oil is a by-product of Kumamoto's horse meat. Kumamoto has a long history of eating horse meat. Kiyomasa Kato, a Sengoku Daimyo of Higo province (the old name of Kumamoto prefecture), is believed to have brought the tradition to Kumamoto 400 years ago. This tradition still thrives in the modern era and Kumamoto’s horse meat is the most appreciated type of horse meat in Japan. That in turn helps Kumamoto produce great quality horse oil also.

Kumamoto's horse

We use the highest rank horse fat

We only use about 40 kg out of 200 kg horse fat that can be taken from one horse. The horse fat we use is of the highest rank possible and is even edible.

We make horse oil with craftsmanship: a prompt handmade process

Our craftsmen promptly process the horse fat, which arrives fresh from a partner farm in Kumamoto, by hand to make the oil.

Horse oil

We do not refine the oil

In general, horse oil needs to be refined in order to reduce its odor. However, the amount of cosmetic ingredients, such as linoleic acid and linolenic acid, of unsaturated fatty acids decreases during our purification process. Our horse oil uses the high-quality horse fat collected fresh in Kumamoto, and we have made it possible to reduce the odor peculiar to horse oil. Therefore, there is no need to refine, and the beauty ingredients remain intact. When you use it, we believe that you will realize that it is very thick and extends well.

Read more about the horse oil

Shell ginger leaf oil

Shell ginger is one of the Okinawa's most famous herbs. Its leaves are large, and from May to June it blossoms cute white flowers.

Shima shell ginger


Rare ingredient

Two types of shell ginger are mainly used as an ingredient of cosmetics: Okinawa origin Shima shell ginger and Taiwan origin Tailin shell ginger. These two types have different extracting rates of oils: while Tailin shell ginger can extract 100 cc of leaf oil from leaves of 100 kg, Shima shell ginger can only collect 30 cc.

Leaf oil of pure Shima shell ginger is becoming more rare as producers in the main island of Okinawa are more often combining Shima shell ginger with Tailin shell ginger.

Handmade extraction by our partner shell ginger farmer

Farmers cultivating Shima shell ginger in Nakijin village in Okinawa Prefecture extract leaf oil manually. Instead of using chemical solvents like alcohol and BG, our farmers gently extract leaf oil using a steam distillation method. This allows babies and pregnant women to more safely use our product.

By adding the shell ginger leaf oil, the odor of the shell ginger leaf oil makes the odor of horse oil unnoticeable*.  *There are individual differences.

Read more about the shell ginger leaf oil

Airless container

As with other oils, horse oil oxidizes very easily. Therefore, we adopted an airless container, which makes the bottom rise every time it is used and which makes it hard to touch the air to prevent oxidization. You can easily use up to the last drop. Also, this container is made of plastic and should not easily break when dropped.

airless container

Passed patch-test for sensitive skin

In order to recommend to people with sensitive skin with confidence, we conducted a patch-test for sensitive skin.

・Tested on 20 Japanese men & women who have sensitive skin.

・This DOES NOT guarantee this product will not cause any skin problems for any individual.


INDICATIONS FOR USE: Put the oil lightly and evenly on the skin after bathing or moisturizing with a skin lotion, and massage the skin gently

NET: 30ml / 1oz (approx. 150 spurts)

INGREDIENTS: Horse oil, shell ginger leaf oil



This product comes with a product description sheet in English, Simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese, and Japanese.

*Paraben-free, Alcohol-free, Surfactants-free, Fragrance-free, colorant-free


・Use caution for any skin irregularity. Do not use the product when the skin shows any symptom described below. Continued usage may worsen the symptoms.

For advice, contact a dermatologist or a specialist.

(1) Skin irregularities such as inflammation, swelling, itching, stimulation, white blotches, and darkening.

(2) Skin irregularities described above when the skin exposes to direct sunlight after use.

・Avoid putting on skin irregularities such as scratches, swelling, and eczema.

・Avoid exposing the skin to direct sunlight right after use.

・Quick use is recommended after opening the product.

・Put the cap on after each use.

・Keep out of the reach of infants.

・Do not keep the product in extremely high or low temperatures or under direct sunlight.

・As the oil is made of natural ingredients, the oil does not come out of the container well in low temperatures in rare cases. Warm the oil with lukewarm water in such cases. There is no problem in quality if the oil becomes clouded.

・There are individual differences regarding effects and efficacy.

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